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Functional Additives
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Coadd™ A-6002Modified silicone1000.2-0.5Greatly improves the adhesion of base paint to different substrates such as cement, glass, metal and other types of polar materials. Very good compatibility with no formation of craters and no adverse effect on film clarity. It has good penetrating property, and is suitable for paint, ink, and adhesive formulations among others.
Coadd™ AP-6054Epoxy phosphate>900.2-2.0Coadd™ AP-6054 Effectively improves the adhesion of paint films to metal substrates. Coadd™ AP-6054 contains the functional groups that can react with such substrates as Iron, Al, and Ni. It also contains groups affinity to resins, and thus can enhance adhesion of resins to the metal substrates. Also suitable for the adhesion of surfaces for electrophoresis.
Coadd™ AP-6057Epoxy phosphate500.5-2.0An adhesion promotor specifically targeting such substrates as galvanized steel and aluminum. Excellent anti-hydrolysis stability.



Coadd™ SC-6006Acrylic copolymer191.0-5.0Used in industrial coatings containing aluminum slurry, effectively preventing the settling of aluminum slurry and enhancing the uniform distribution of aluminum powder during paint film formation. Having good encapsulation performance with aluminum slurry to improve the aluminum orientation, thus improving the gloss and hardness of the paint films.



Coadd™ BP-6080Copolymer50.5-5.0An anti-popping agent with good leveling effect. Effectively enhance the film thickness without popping, and  improve the leveling and film build of the film. No adverse effect on interlayer adhesion.
Coadd™ BP-6081Block copolymer50.5-5.0A polymeric anti-popping additive for water-borne bake paints with very good defoaming and leveling properties. It can greatly reduce the defects due to popping during the drying of films based on water-borne 2K PU and baking paint formulations. It also provides good leveling and surface appearance for the paint films. Very good compatibility with  water-borne formulations. Easy to use with no adverse effect on product stability.




Coadd™ FR-6355Modified organic chelating agent450.3-2.0Forming passivating layer on the metal surface to prevent the electro-chemical flush rust by water. At the same time it can improve the anti-corrosion properties of the paint film. The product is VOC-free, and suitable in all formulations.

Coadd™ FR-6510Modified organic chelating agent300.3-2.0Highly-effective flash rust inhibitor, particularly effective on substrates with welding seams. Excellent   salt-spray resistance property at low dosage level. Very good performance in various resin formulations such as epoxy, acrylics, and polyurethane.



Coadd™ MP-6086Hydrophobically modified   polyester355.0-15Can be used for Al powder of normal grades. Passivate the Al surface for protection. Good storage stability.

Coadd™ HA-63026Modified silicone600.5-3.0An orange-peel texture additive for both water-borne and solvent-borne formulations. Modify the appearance of   the orange-peel texture through controlling the amount of additive used. Excellent surface effect. it also enhances the hardness and slip of the paint films.




Coadd™ FA-6082-401.2-2.0Excellent characteristics in low-odor, high efficiency, and stability. It contains highly reactive groups to react with formaldehyde, and remains lasting air stability in paint films. Easy to add. Suitable for water-borne decorative latex paints. Can react with formaldehyde under wet stage, while eliminating formaldehyde in air when present in dry films.
Freeze-Thaw   StabilizerCoadd™ FD-6101Nonionic multi-block polymer>900.4-1.2Effectively improve the freeze-thaw stability of paint formulations with low Tg emulsions. No VOC. Can be used in zero-VOC paint formulations.

Tannin   Stain-Blocking AdditiveCoadd™ TB-6136Inorganic metal232.0-6.0Excellent tannin-stain block property. Better odor profile in comparison to similar products on the market. Good compatibility in water-borne formulations. 
Active   Drier CatalystCoadd™ DC-6158Iron-containing metal chelating agent0.25-2.5 0.25-2.5No hazard metals such as Co, Mn, Ni, or Sn. Greatly enhance the electronic efficiency. Very good siccative effect at low dosage for formulations containing unsaturated fatty acid. Effectively reduce the yellowing of paint films. Water soluble. Suitable for both water-borne and solvent-borne formulations.