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Architectural coatings


CategoryProduct NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %Characteristic
Rehology ModifierCoadd™A-6016ASE290.1-2.0Suitable for formulations with low shear-viscosity. The formulations will exhibit very good thixotropic behavior and excellent sag-resistance performance.   Used in mastic and stucco coatings as well as acrylic paints (Conform to European standards). Can partially replace HEC in conventional coating systems. 
Coadd™A-6018ASE290.1-1.550% more efficient than Coadd™A-6016. Suitable for formulations with low shear-viscosity, but offering much higher aqueous thickening efficiency than the thickening agents of the same kind, making the systems more stable on pigment settling. Suitable for art paints and water-borne industrial coatings; also suitable for varnish with special functionality as well as water-rich formulations.
Coadd™H-6120HASE300.1-1.0Low-shear viscosity thickener with excellent thixotropic property and very high thickening efficiency. Suitable for mastic and stucco paints and lower the dosage of HASE type thickeners.
Coadd™H-6150HASE300.1-1.0Suitable for low shear-viscosity formulations, including those with reasonable medium shear-viscosity. In comparison with conventional non-assosiative thickeners,offers better water resistance and early scrub resistance. 
Coadd™H-6350HASE290.1-2.0Hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble associative thickener. Suitable for paints with medium shear-viscosity (KU viscosity). In comparison to the same kind of commercial thickeners on the market, the paints with Coadd™H-6350 have better  leveling property and storage stability.
Coadd™H-6360HASE350.1-2.0Hydrophobically modified alkali-soluble associaitive thickener with a much higher thickening efficiency for medium-shear viscosity (KU viscosity)  formulations. It can lower the dosage by 30-50% in comparison to conventional HASE type thickners.
Coadd™U-6112HEUR300.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickner. Provides very good effect on low-shear viscosity. Provides the systems with very good pseudoplastic property and excellent sag-resistant performance.
Coadd™U-6105HEUR320.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener. It has very good effect on medium shear-viscosity (KU viscosity )and also provides good low-shear viscosity property. It can improve the flowability and leveling of the paints and provide excellent water and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6508HEUR250.3-3.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with very good thckening effect on medium shear-viscosity formulations. It can improve leveling property of the  formulations, making the final paint films uniform with good gloss and color exhibit, and excellent water resistance and chemical resistance.
Coadd™U-6920HEUR200.3-2.0Nonionic HEUR associative thickener with high shear-viscosity. It provides paint systems with excellent leveling property, making the final films uniform,   especially suitable for high gloss and high leveling paints.
DispersantCoadd™D-6037Ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified polyacrylic acid301.0-5.0Dispersant based on ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified acylic acid. Very good dispersing effect. With optimized hydrophobic  modification,provides the paint formulations with excellent water resistance and early scrubb resistance. At the same time it also improves the anti rain-streaking property of the  coatings. Suitable for dispersion applications in aqueous formulations with high-performance requirements.
Coadd™D-6606Ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified polyacrylic acid281.0-5.0Good performance in dispersion and viscosity reduction fo both organic and inorganic pigments. With optimized hydrophobic modification, the product has   excellent property in water resistance, offering superior performance in early water and rain-streaking resistance, while improving water permeabilty of the paint films. Coadd™D-6606 can be used alone, or together with other acrylic dispersants for various water-borne coating formulations, from flat to high-gloss paints, and from architectural to industrial to wood paints. In addition to improving the early water and chemical resistance of the paint films, it also provides very good performance in color exhibit and storage stability to the formulations.
Coadd™D-6130Sodium salt of polyacrylic acid430.2-3.0With the characteristics of fast viscosity reduction, high dispersion efficiency, and stability. Suitable for indoor coating formulations with high content of  inorganic fillers. 
Coadd™D-6170Ammonium salt of polyacrylic acid420.2-3.0With the characteristics of fast viscosity reduction, high dispersion efficiency,  and stability. Suitable for indoor coating formulations with high requirement in water resistance.
Coadd™D-6228Block polymer10010.0-50.0A super dispersant for water-borne, solvent-free, and solvent-borne formulations. It offers exellent viscosity reduction on inorganic pigments while providing  low foam, excellent dispersion and color exhibit on organic pigments, especially for medium-to-high colors of carbon blacks. Used for grinding high-performance pigment slurries. It also has good performance in formulations for inks, pigmented paints, touch-up paints, and metal coatings. 
Wetting AgentCoadd™W-6185Nonionic multi-block polymer70±10.3-1.5HLB=17-18. A surfactant from specialty alcohol with no VOC. Broad application range in providing excellent overall performance for water-borne formulations,  including emulsion and paint stability,  slurry compatibility, pigment and filler wetting and dispersion, and workability, among others.
Coadd™W-6186Nonionic multi-block polymer1000.2-1.0HLB=12-14. Excellent wetting property, and suitable in water-borne formulations. Excellent pigment color exhibit and wetting for inorganic fillers. Low foam. Maintain liquid state at low temperature for easy handling in winter. Good viscosity stability to improve workability of the paints.
Coadd™W-6010Modified silicone polymer1000.1-1.0Offers very fast wetting characteristic, and is capable of surface wetting and total wetting of the substrates. Very good compatibility with no cratering effect  and no adverse impact on film clarity.Also has good penetrating property and is suitable for coatings on hard-to-wet substrates.
Coadd™W-6520Nonionic multi-block polymer25±10.3-0.6An additive specially developed for the formulations of water-borne multi-color paints. It is added to the base paint (dispersing phase)of the multi-color  paints to improve the cohesion of base paint and enhance the elasticity of particles to ensure the stability in the shapes of multi-color particles. When used in the base paint of multi-color paints, it can also improve the separation of particles of different colors during pelleting to ensure the color stability of the  paints.
DefoamersCoadd™DF-6139Mineral oil1000.1-1.0Fast and lasting defoaming effect. Broadly used in various water-borne formulations with good economic benefits.
Coadd™DF-6136Mineral oil1000.1-1.0Fast and lasting defoaming. Broadly used in various water-borne formulations with good economic benefits.
Coadd™DF-6860Modified silicone1000.1-1.0Strong performance in anti-foam and defoaming with lasting effects.Fast defoaming rate. Suitable for the defoaming of micro and fine foams in mastic paint  formulations. It also provides execllent defoaming performance in the stucco and rolling applications. Effectively prevent the foam formation during paint production and application, and suitable iin broad temperature and pH range. Easy to handle with good water dispersibility.


Product nameSolid content %pHMFFT ℃APEO/FormaldehydeCharacteristic
Coxcen™111833±18±1<5NoA specially designed emulsion with small particle size and high adhesion for base coat applications. Able to penetrate and solidify the porous substrates,   espcally for sealing the less strong putty layers. The product has excellent anti-efflorescence and anti-salting properties. It can also improve the adhesion between base coat and the subsquent coating layers. Broad adapatability for both clear and pigmented formulations. Good compatibility with cement, and can be sued on cement substrate under moist environment.
Coxcen™247852±18±1<0NoA styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion specifically forexterior (top, middle and textured elastomeric) coatings. It is suitable for mid-coat and architecture   coatings in low temperature. The product does not contain formaldehyde, APEO free. It fully meet the technical requirements under JGT172-2015 standards   for type I exterior top coatings, with excellent properties in early water resistance and bubble resistance,  dirt pick-up resistance and excellent mechanical and ionic stability.
Coxcen™3709408.3±120NoA high-eprformance silicone-acrylic emulsion specifically developed for multi-color paint formulations. The emulsion has good film clarity, good protection and stability on colloid particles. Suitable for multi-color sand-in-sand emulsions.
Coxcen™372850±18.5±118NoA specially designed acrylic emulsion with excellent compatibility. Can be used for all different kinds of substrates and systems. Provides excellent overall  performances, especially in adhesion, water & alkali resistance,  durability, color & gloss retention. Suitable for flat to high gloss emulsion coating or acrylic pigmented formulations with high environmental standard requirement.
Coxcen™500946±18±133NoSuitable for exteriro wall high gloss clear top coating , also used in stone-like coating and textured paint. Good water resistance,mechanical stability,  compatibility and weather durability. The product also possess excellent gloss performance.
Coxcen™501042±18.5±123NoSuitable as top coat for lacqure, stucco, multi-color, and art paint formulations.  With excellent paint film density and high gloss. No water whitening in the accelerated hot-water immersion test.  The hydrophobic design of the polymer greatly reduces the risk of paint film's chalking in weatherability tests.