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Product NameTypeActive Content %Dosage %CharacteristicMSDSTDS
Coadd™ D-6028Polyacrylic acid ammonium salt491.0-5.0Dispersant based on ammonium salt of hydrophilic modified acrylic acid with very good dispersing effect for general use. With optimized product design, provides good balance between dispersibility and water resistance, and balance on dispersing both inorganic and organic pigments and fillers. Can provide excellent dispersion on some difficult-to-disperse pigments and  fillers. Has high solid for high benefit-cost ratio.
Coadd™ D-6037Polyacrylic acid ammonium salt301.0-5.0Dispersant based on ammonium salt of hydrophobically modified acrylic acid. Very good dispersing effect. With optimized hydrophobic modification, provides the paint formulations with excellent water resistance and early scrub resistance. At the same time it also improves the rain-imprint resistance property of the coatings. Suitable for dispersion applications in  aqueous formulations with high-performance requirements.
Coadd™ D-6039Block polymer400.8-5.0High-performance block copolymer with excellent overall properties. Very good dispersing efficiency on both organic and inorganic pigments. Excellent properties in water resistance and weatherability. Excellent performance in formulations with acrylics, urethane, and epoxy among others. Very good dispersion and storage stability for water-borne pigments concentrate.
Coadd™ D-6060Block polymer400.3-3.0Good wetting for both organic and inorganic pigments. Good at preventing floating and flooding of color when multiple pigments are grinding together. Excellent water resistance, Suitable for water-borne metal and wood coatings.

Coadd™ D-6072Block polymer401.5-5.0A universal dispersant used in formulations for pigment slurries, coatings, and inks with very good dispersion efficiency for both organic and inorganic pigments, particularly for resin-free grinding. Excellent color acceptance for phthalocyanine type   pigments. High efficiency in viscosity reduction. Superior performance on dispersing nano-structured iron oxide.
Coadd™ D-6073Block polymer40Inorganic pigment:
Matting powder:
Particularly used for the dispersing of matte powders. It contains functional groups affinity to matte powders. High dispersing efficiency, and effectively slowing and preventing the settling of matte powders with no formation of hard sedimentation. Better results when used together with thickening agents.

Coadd™ D-6076Block polymer350.5-10A wetting dispersing agent containing pigment-affinity groups with very good properties in color acceptance, formulation compatibility, and stability. Effectively preventing the color floatation of the pigments, especially suitable for resin-containing grinding system. Suitable for water-borne metal coatings and pigment slurries. 
Coadd™ D-6086Block polymer400.8-5.0Suitable for inorganic and organic pigmented systems. Also good compatibility with water-borne acrylic, polyether, PU and epoxy systems. Excellent viscosity reduction, color development, water resistance and salt-spray resistance performance. High compatibility in resin-free grinding colorant. 

Coadd™ D-6130Polyacrylic acid sodium salt430.2-3.0Suitable for dispersing inorganic pigment fillers, which can effectively reduce the viscosity of grinding stage. Good compatibility with acrylic thickeners. Excellent storage stability. Recommended for use in flat and semi-high gloss latex paint   formulations.
Coadd™ D-6151Alkyl Ammonium
    salt of
    polyfunctional polymer
40Titanium dioxide:


Inorganic pigment:

Suitable for water-borne systems with strong viscosity reduction in wetting and dispersing pigments and fillers. Good stability and color strength performance in water-borne architectural coating and pigments concentrate.
Coadd™ D-6170Polyacrylic acid ammonium salt420.2-3.0With the characteristics of fast viscosity reduction, high dispersion efficiency, and stability. Suitable for architectural coating formulations with high requirement in water resistance.

Coadd™ D-6181Block polymer60Titanium oxide:
Organic pigment:
Inorganic pigment:
Suitable for water-borne coating and printing ink systems, to reduce viscosity and increase the color acceptance performance. It can improve the storage stability of paints, and improve the gloss and leveling performance. It also improves the color acceptance performance in colored systems.
Coadd™ D-6228Block polymer9010-50A super dispersant for water-borne organic pigment concentrate. Used for grinding high-performance pigment concentrate. It offers excellent viscosity reduction on organic pigments while providing low foam,  excellent dispersion and color acceptance on organic pigments, especially for medium-to-high pigment of carbon blacks. It also has good performance in formulations for inks, pigmented paints, and metal coatings. 
Coadd™ D-6239Block polymer401.5-50High performance block polymers, with excellent dispersion efficiency for both organic and inorganic pigments,  excellent water resistance, and weather resistance, and very good performance in various resin systems, such as acrylic acid, polyurethane, and epoxy. Also excellent dispersion and storage stability in water slurry or high concentration color slurry systems.
Coadd™ D-6258Block polymer2510-50A super dispersant for water-borne, solvent-free, and solvent-borne formulations. It offers excellent viscosity reduction on inorganic pigments while providing  low foam, excellent dispersion and color acceptance performance, especially for medium-to-high levels of carbon blacks. Used for grinding high-performance pigment slurries. It also has good performance in formulations for inks, pigmented paints, and metal coatings. 
Coadd™ D-6270Block polymer1005.0-50A universal super dispersant used in organic pigment concentrates for water-borne formulations. Broadly used in coatings and pigment slurries. With excellent storage stability. Offering high color strength and improving gloss. 
Coadd™ D-6290Block polymer10010-40A polymer dispersant specifically designed for water-based coatings, capable of stabilizing the effect pigments. It has the effect of aiding the orientation of effect pigments, and when used in conjunction with orientation additive, it can achieve better surface effects. It is applicable to pigment paste systems with and without resin dispersion. This product is also suitable for the dispersion systems of water-based inorganic and organic pigments, improving the stability and color development of the pigment system.

Coadd™ D-6606Block polymer280.3-1.0Suitable for water-borne coatings. Fast wetting and viscosity reducing efficiency for both organic & inorganic pigments with low dosage loading, and good properties in water-resistance. Also good color acceptance and tint strength, it can be used in general color pastes. 
Coadd™ D-6920Block polymer450.5-5.0A high molecular weight polymer dispersant containing pigment-affinitive groups, universally effective for the dispersion of organic pigments, exhibiting excellent performance in baked enamel and polyurethane systems.

Coadd™ D-6922Block polymer400.8-5.0Suitable for water-borne industrial, architectural and printing inks system. Excellent viscosity reduction, water resistance and salt-spray resistance. Good compatibility in resin-free grinding  for both organic and inorganic pigments. Wide compatibility in PU, acrylics, polyester and epoxies.