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Solvent-borne System
Solvent-borne System Leveling Agents
Product NameAppearanceTypeActive Content %Dosage %CharacteristicMSDSTDS
Coadd™FL-2600Light yellow liquidPolysiloxane250.2-0.8For solvent-borne two-pack polyurethane systems, in applications such as wood & furniture coating, leather coating and etc. The functional groups will be kept at the surface of coating and react to form a polymer network, which improves the chemical resistance, surface slip and avoid dust to attach to the surface.
Coadd™FL-2700Colorless to light yellow liquidSilicone acrylate liquid1000.1-1.0For radiation-curing and pigmented systems. The product provides excellent slip and release effect, especially in pigmented formulations. It also provides   good scratch resistance, and deaerating performance. The product is UV cross-linkable.
Coadd™FL-3060Light yellow liquidModified polysiloxane130.1-0.5Strongly reduces the surface tension in the coating formulations. Also has good substrate wetting and anti-cratering performance, and can improve the surface slip.
Coadd™FL-3125Light yellow liquidModified polysiloxane250.05-0.3Suitable for solvent-borne and solvent-free coating formulations, including ambient cured plastics, adhesives, and printing inks. The product has strong  reduction of the surface tension for the coating formulations due to its silicone content, and is heat stable up to about 200℃.
Coadd™FL-3700Colorless to light yellow liquidModified Polysiloxane253.0-6.0Strongly reduces the surface tension and will move to surface quickly to dry the coating layer. Improves the properties of the coatings in water & chemical resistance, leveling, substrate wetting, surface slip, and anti-blocking performance. Also effective in tape release and anti-graffiti properties.
Coadd™FL-6033Colorless to light yellow liquidModified polysiloxane500.1-0.3For ambient curing plastic systems. The product contains silicone, and has strong reduction of surface tension. It also enhances substrate wetting properties,  and prevents defect formation on the surface.
Coadd™FL-6206Light yellow to brown liquidpolyether siloxane copolymer1000.05-0.7Excellent flow and leveling combined with strong slip properties. It is recoatableand can beused in solvent and waterbornecoatings.
Coadd™FL-6307Light yellow liquidModified polysiloxane1000.1-1.0For solvent-borne and solvent free coatings, printing inks and adhesive systems. The product can strongly reduce the surface tension, providing good substrate wetting and surface slip. Also prevent cratering. 
Coadd™FL-6325Colorless to light yellow liquidModified polysiloxane520.1-1.0For solvent-borne and water-borne coating systems. The product can improve the paint surface leveling and substrate wetting performance, with only minor effect on surface tension and surface slip.
Coadd™FL-6358Light yellow liquidSolution of a polyacrylate520.2-1.0Polyacrylate-based surface additive for solvent-borne coating systems and ambient curing plastic systems to improve leveling. For semi-polar to polar systems.

Coadd™FL-6630Transparent liquidModified Silicone1000.05-1.0Coadd™FL-6630 improves the flowability of the paints through reduction in surface tension.  It has minimal impact on re-coat. At the same time, it can improve the slip and block resistance of the surface, prevent crater formation, and ehance scratch resistance.

Coadd™FL-6633Translucen off-white liquidModified Silicone1000.05-1.0Very strong leveling property, and good formulation compatibility. It has minimal impact on re-coat, and can effectively improve the flatness of the paint   films, prevent defects from crater formation. The use of Coadd™FL-6633 does not affect the clarity of the paint films. Suitable for water-borne wood  coatings and industrial coatings, and sometimes for solvent-borne coatings.